Friday, January 18, 2019

VIDEO: Weekend Storm Final Call

Below is every detail you need to know about the storm this weekend:

1. Snow will start between 1pm and 4pm
2. Mix will move in from the South
3. Mix could hit Southern Schuylkill after 9pm
4. Mix should be over entire county by 2am
5. Mix ends around daybreak
6. Transitions to snow showers to end storm
7. Ending before noon Sunday
8. Winds increase as Sunday progresses
9. Winds gust to 40mph at times
10. Winds continue overnight into Monday morning
11. Wind chills near negative 30 by early Monday
12. Power outages likely in hardest hit ice/wind areas

I explain, in detail, each and every portion of the county in the video! I explain snow totals and ice totals! Check it out :)

FYI: There's a little button in the bottom right corner to make the video larger. You can make it take up your whole phone, tablet or computer screen. Thanks for watching!