Friday, November 8, 2019

A cold blast moves in next week

By: Ryan Fannock


If you haven't heard already, there's a storm brewing for Tuesday. As of right now, it's looking like warm air filters in ahead of the storm. I'm talking temps in the 40's to near 50! However, behind the storm, that's when all hell breaks loose. As the storm winds down, rain will change to a brief period of snow (if current modeling was correct). We'd experience a FLASH FREEZE where any wet ground would quickly turn to an icy glaze on Tuesday. Man, this is something you'd see in the month of January! In this article, I'm going to show you some temps and projected wind chills.

In the image below, you can see projected temperatures for about 1:00AM Tuesday morning. This is the warmth I was talking about earlier in the article. So basically it would be raining with temps in the mid 40's while you sleep Monday Night into Tuesday morning. 


In the image below, you can see HIGHS for Wednesday! Remember I said all hell would break loose? Well, here you go! Highs in the 20's!! Wait until you see the wind chills!


In the image below, this shows you WIND CHILLS for early Wednesday morning! This is roughly 24 hours AFTER you're experiencing RAIN with temps in the mid 40's! Actual temperatures would be in the TEENS while wind chills would be near ZERO! WOAH!

Update: Models overnight trend warmer for Tuesday

By: Ryan Fannock


The image above shows warmer air being pushed into our area ahead of the storm Tuesday. This would give us a mainly RAIN event. Cold air wouldn't be able to travel down into our region because the storm is pulling up warmer air from the South. Overnight models are all in agreement that this setup will happen. However, I'm not completely sold on this solution. A lot of times the track will wobble from west to east. So the final track still hasn't been written I believe. I'm going to show you a few more images below.

The above image is early Tuesday morning. Lots of warm air filters in giving us a moderate to heavy rain event. Like I said above, I'm not completely sold yet. Let's check this out over the weekend before we abandon the snowy solution.

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The image above shows you what the temperature "could" look like at the height of the storm. 7am Tuesday would be in the 40's! That's a huge difference from the 20's models were showing yesterday. Below I'm going to show you the snow map from the Canadian model....

The above image clearly shows where the rain/snow line sets up with overnight runs of the models. Places like Erie would score big with snow. Places like Schuylkill County see absolutely NOTHING. Again, plenty of time for this to wobble around. Stay tuned for future updates. Thanks!

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