Friday, November 22, 2019

Snow possible to kick off December

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By: Ryan Fannock

Snow Potential in the long range...

As you may know, the GFS runs 4 times per day. On it's 18z run, a little snow event has showed up. Snowfall maps go out 10 days and this one is right at the very end of the run. So at this point, take it with a grain of salt. But I figured I'd post some "eye candy" for the snow lovers out there. This model kicks off a wintry mix December 1st in the evening. North of I-80, it would change to all snow. South of I-80, it stays all mix. Elevations would potentially pick of their first inch of snow. While the valleys would be left with an icy/crunchy coating of snow. Precip would wrap up before daybreak on the 2nd. As always, this can and will change as we are pretty far away from it occurring. However, you know me....I'll have my eyes peeled since we still haven't seen our first inch of snow around here. Scroll down for a snow map...

Below is a snow map showing "potential" snow totals IF this model run was to verify...
Click image to view larger
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