Thursday, January 24, 2019

Storm next week followed by extreme cold?

For next week (Tuesday into Wednesday), the GFS (American model) has a storm moving through that really isn't packed with moisture. It's more of a clipper than anything which brings us rain/snow. However, the Euro (European model) has a different take on this. It has a much bigger system with much more moisture attached to it. This would mainly be in the form of snow (as of now). The GEM (Canadian Model) has a snow to rain to snow event. Again, more moisture than the GFS. So since two models are leaning towards a larger system, I felt it's worth talking about.

The GEM says about 1-3" of snow to start, followed by about 0.2-0.3" of plain rain, followed by 3-6" of snow on the backside of the storm. 

The EURO says it will start as snow, potentially mix with rain and finish as snow. Snow totals would range from 7-10" across the area.

The GFS says very little moisture. I'm talking not even a tenth of an inch of liquid. Some rain showers and snow showers. Snow totals anywhere from a trace to 1" in higher terrain.

So with that said, as always, it's too early to pinpoint an exact forecast. However, you know as much as the big name meteorologists do now. You know exactly what the 3 big models show for our area. Now we move on to the extreme cold...


January 31st to February 1st

GFS: Lows ranging from -5 to -10 degrees. Highs ranging from 0 to 5 degrees.
EURO: Lows ranging from -12 to -17 degrees. Highs ranging from 0 to 5 degrees.
GEM: Lows ranging from 9 to 12 degrees above zero. Highs ranging from 15-20 degrees.

Again, 2 models are showing extreme cold. So it's worth mentioning....

As always, stay tuned as I keep you ahead of the storm, cold and whatever else Mother Nature decides to throw at us! Follow my 3 Day Forecasts on Facebook at Weather Talk: Schuylkill Edition.

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Fannock's Forecast - Thursday to Saturday

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Thursday: Rain showers this morning will transition to scattered rain and snow showers this afternoon. No snow accumulation. Gusty winds. Highs were achieved this morning in the 50's. Gradually dropping throughout the day. 

Thursday Night: Temps dip below freezing this evening. So be alert of patchy black ice especially in higher elevations. Gusty winds. Low: 23

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Friday: Partly sunny. Gusty winds. High: 26

Friday Night: Partly cloudy. Gusty winds. Low: 10. Wind chills near 0 at times. 

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Saturday: Partly cloudy. Calm wind. High: 24

Saturday Night: A snow shower? Low: 17

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Our next chance at a Winter Storm is Monday Night into Tuesday. As of now, it's looking like ANOTHER MIX EVENT. Remember me telling you back in the Summer this is how Winter was going to be? I can't get over the fact that people have been preaching "pattern change" but it never happens. See, El Nino is in full effect this year and it's not letting up. You can thank Mr. El Nino for your mix events. Hey, maybe we'll squeeze out an all snow event or two in February or March. But I wouldn't hold your breath! Stay tuned for more details.

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