Monday, November 18, 2019

Update: Thanksgiving Forecast

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By: Ryan Fannock

Big rain maker headed our way! 
Timing is key; could affect Thanksgiving Day

If you've been following along, I've been tracking a rain maker for next week. The timing has been a little inconsistent on the models. So the time frame I'm watching is Wednesday the 27th through Thursday the 28th. As of this very moment, it looks like Thanksgiving will be a washout. Please understand that this could change. The storm could move faster and give us rain on Wednesday the 27th instead. Hell, it could even move slower and arrive on the 29th. But again, I'm favoring Thanksgiving as of now. I'll time it out with you in PICTURES below. I'll even show you potential rain totals from this event at the end of the article....scroll down....

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Below - 7:00AM Thanksgiving morning
Rain covers the entire state of PA

Below - 1:00PM Thanksgiving Day
Rain becomes scattered in Western PA
Heavy batches of rain move through Eastern PA

Below - 1:00AM Black Friday
Rain still lingers in the Northeast corner of the state
Rain ends before midnight for the rest of us

Below - Total Rainfall
In Eastern PA, the 1.5" area is for Hazleton
Generally a 1-1.5" event for Schuylkill County