Thursday, November 7, 2019

Snow chances increasing for Tuesday

By: Ryan Fannock


I've been tracking a storm on the models for the past few days. It's still being modeled, so I figured it's a good time to give an update. In my last article, I showed you the Canadian model and how it wants to drop feet of snow on the East Coast. Well, I did mention that it would most likely change. However, it didn't change "too much." It has dropped the projected snow totals, but it still keeps the storm in our forecast for Tuesday. 

Along with the Canadian, the GFS (American) has jumped on board for a snowstorm. Both models are similar in the amount of snow we receive. It would certainly be enough to shovel and plow if these projections came to fruition. 

The last big model I look at is the EURO. Again, there's a storm. However, the EURO tracks it further North which would bring us a rain event. It keeps the heavy snows well North of PA. In my personal opinion, I'm leaning towards the Canadian at this point. I even put "moderate snow accumulations" in my forecast for Tuesday. Let me give you a quick idea of what is to come with some images below...

Image - 1:00AM Tuesday morning - light snow

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Image below - 7:00AM Tuesday morning - moderate snow

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Image below - 1:00PM Tuesday afternoon - light snow


8-10" in Schuylkill (if this verified)