Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Long range guidance trends warmer for Turkey Day

By: Ryan Fannock
11:50PM 11/13/19

If you've been following along, I'm sure you're aware that 40's have been in the forecast for Thanksgiving. That's well below normal for our area. However, latest guidance suggests a warm up will enter the region now. Most locations would top out in the mid 50's! If you live near Berks County, you could see 60's! Along with the warmth, some rain showers would move through during the morning hours. As always, none of this is set in stone just yet. After all, it is in the long range. But I wanted to give you a general idea of what I'm looking at as of now...

Below you'll see TWO images. The first one shows you projected high temps. The second one shows you scattered rain showers for about 1:00AM on Thanksgiving.