Sunday, October 27, 2019

Fannock's Halloween Forecast

10:00PM October 27, 2019
By: Ryan Fannock

Forecast valid for Schuylkill and surrounding counties in the state of Pennsylvania

I know there's a lot of activities planned for Halloween, so I did some research for you. It's not looking good for those of you going trick-or-treating. A rain maker is projected to move into the region. Along with the rain, it's going to be rather windy. As of now, it looks like "periods of rain." So if there's any good news with this, it's the word "periods." Maybe trick or treat from 6-8pm will see a dry period. Who knows. But when it does rain, it may be heavy at times. It's looking like a 1-2" rain event from the 31st right into the 1st of November. 

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This storm is going to be a pattern changer. We'll go from a rather warm day, with temps in the upper 60's to near 70, to a much cooler period with highs in the 40's to follow. So yes, it's going to be a WARM trick-or-treat night. Temps around 6pm will still be in the mid 60's. However, plan for wet and windy conditions. The only hope we have right now is for a little dry period in-between batches of rain for the kids. 

As always, the forecast can change from now until then. Maybe the heaviest rain will hold off until later at night. I do believe this event WILL happen though. The rain has been modeled for quite some time now. Hey, it could be worse. It could be cold and snowy rather than rainy and warm. Check back closer to Halloween for an updated forecast.