Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Fannock's 10 Day Forecast

The heat is currently on, but will it continue? That's the million dollar question right now. Well, I believe I have the answer! By Friday, things will get COOLER. Before that happens, we'll have some storms to deal with. The cold front will sweep through and refreshing air will filter into your soul. Highs on Saturday will only top out in the 70's.

Before I jump ahead too far, Thursday (tomorrow) will be at or above the 90 degree mark. Yes, hazy, hot and humid conditions will be around. I can't rule out an isolated shower/storm in spots as well.

Beyond the weekend, I'm seeing hints of 70's for highs and even some upper 60's! Woah, that's not Summer weather! I don't know about you, but I look forward to it. Less air conditioners running equal a lower electric bill. I'm all for it!

Precipitation wise, showers and storms are possible through Monday. The rainiest period looks to occur on Sunday. After Monday, we enter a dry stretch lasting a few days. Hell, we may actually make it 4 days without rain. Oh man, fingers are crossed for that! Next weekend some showers with highs in the 70's are likely at this point.

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