Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Two Week Outlook

Ahhh....there's two Spring-like days coming your way! Thursday and Friday will feature temps near 60 degrees!! A little rain will accompany the warmth on Friday but only a tenth or two of precipitation will fall. Many dry periods will be there for you to enjoy the temperatures. As we move on to the weekend, Winter returns.

Temps will be in the 30's and lower 40's across the area Saturday and Sunday. These type of temps will stick around all of next week. On the bright side, there's no storms showing up from the 16th through the 26th. Yeah, maybe there will be a rain shower or two. But there's the potential that we go a full 10 days without a drop of rain or flake of snow. 

This pushes us further and further away from Winter and right into Spring! At the end of your two weeks, there may be a larger storm on the table. I do have good news though!! It's in the form of rain!! Sorry kids, there won't be anymore snow days until next school year!!

Lastly, temps after Saturday, the 23rd, look to moderate between the upper 40's and lower 50's. Until then, below average temps are likely as I mentioned earlier in the article. 


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