Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Final Call for East Central PA


By: Ryan Fannock
6:00PM Tuesday
Final Call

Storm Details

Wednesday Arrival: 
11:30AM to 3:30PM (SW to NE)

Heaviest: 6:00PM to 2:00AM

Thursday Departure: 
6:00AM to 9:00AM (SW to NE)

Gusty winds expected!

Wind gusts to 30-35mph at times.

Blowing and drifting snow.

In the graphic below, you can see a red and blue area.

In the red area, it will stay ALL SNOW.

In the blue area, mixing with sleet and/or rain possible.

Blue area totals are lower due to mixing potential.

The further North you go, the fluffier the snow.

The further South you go, the wetter the snow.