Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Hints of a Spring-like warm up with rain


By: Ryan Fannock
December 17, 2019

It warms up to rain...

Hey! I have some Spring-like temps to talk about! Unfortunately, it's not going to happen when there's sun shining. Temps might approach 60 degrees on the 29th! No, that's not an afternoon high either. It occurs when most of us are sleeping. You guessed it, 1:00AM in the morning! Why? A rainstorm ushers in warmth from the South. So as the rain pushes through, we get whacked with temps near 60. Here's 2 images to show you a visual of what I'm talking about...

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1:00AM on the 29th - projected temperature

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1:00am on the 29th
Here comes the rain!!