Monday, December 2, 2019

CPC issues December Outlook; Does Ryan agree?


By: Ryan Fannock
December 2, 2019

With the storm I was following, I didn't have time to post the latest DECEMBER OUTLOOK from The Climate Prediction Center. Above, I show you the temp projection. It says we stand a better chance at seeing ABOVE NORMAL TEMPS. The second image, which is below, states that chances are leaning towards ABOVE NORMAL PRECIPITATION.

Does Fannock agree?

Well, I do agree with above normal precipitation. I believe the first few weeks we'll be dealing with mixed bags of precip. Typical scenario would be cold weather for a few days, warm up to rain, then back to cold weather. However, I do not agree with above normal temperatures being the average. I do see some warm ups. Some of them will feel like Spring! BUT, it won't be enough to pull the AVERAGE TEMP above normal. Time will tell..