Saturday, December 7, 2019

CMC says plowable snowfall after rain Mon-Wed

By: Ryan Fannock
December 7, 2019

Good evening! I've been tracking a storm that's slated for next week. While rain is still on the table, snow may enter the equation as well. Some model guidance is a little bullish on snow totals, while others aren't quite as impressive. I'm going to take a few minutes of your time and break down the Canadian Model. I'm going to time it out and finish off with potential snow totals. Hell, I'll even squeeze in a snow map from the NAM as a comparison. Sit back, relax and enjoy some weather discussion below.

The first image I'm showing you is 1:00PM Monday afternoon. As you can see, the entire state is covered in green. Therefore, it's raining everywhere. The storm is just getting underway at this point in the game.

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This next image is 1:00PM Tuesday afternoon. Yep, still raining across Eastern PA. However, there's some backside snow about to enter the Western side of the state. 

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Below, you can see some darker BLUES across much of Eastern PA. This is where heavy snow is falling as of 1:00AM Wednesday morning. Keep in mind how BIG this storm "could" be. It started way back on Monday during the afternoon. Now we're fast forwarding to early Wednesday morning and it's snowing.


7:00AM Wednesday morning. You guessed it! Still snowing in Eastern PA.


The final radar image I'm going to show you is slated for 1:00PM Wednesday. Snow is now lightly falling and it's about to wrap up. So it's a good 48 hour storm IF THIS MODEL WERE TO VERIFY.

If the Canadian was right, we'd see a good 4-7" of snow once this storm wraps up. Hmm. In the jackpot zone as of Saturday evening. I really wouldn't go cancelling your grandma's mustache wax just yet. I'm sure this track will wobble plenty of times between now and then.

For comparison, here is the latest NAM model. It doesn't have quite as high snow totals. Plus, it has the swath of snow more west. Schuylkill County is right on the borderline of snow/rain with this model. Like I said above, this can and WILL change in the coming days. I'm here to track it for you! So stay tuned as I keep you ahead of the storm.