Monday, December 2, 2019

All 3 models agree! Very warm to frigid temps

By: Ryan Fannock
December 2, 2019

Now that this chaotic storm is out of the picture, I was looking for something exciting on the models. No, I didn't find a storm to write about. But I did find some extreme temperature swings! I checked the EURO first and I saw a big fat 60 degrees for December 10th. Then, just 1 day later we struggle to get past 25 degrees for a high! 

So I figured it would be smart to check other models because it could have just been an error. Nope, no error. The GFS and CMC both agree on 55-60 degrees plus highs in the 20's the following day. Of course, with highs in the 20's, you know TEENS follow at night. So there ya have it, the three models I check for medium to long range weather show bipolar temperatures. 

Oh, one more thing. It's not going to be a SUNNY 60 degree day. Of course it only warms up to rain in our area. Hmm. Remember me saying that in my Winter forecast? 

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