Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Weather Talk: EURO sniffs out snow on Day 10

By: Ryan Fannock

Let's face it, we all want to know when it's going to snow. Whether we like snow, love snow or absolutely despise snow, we still want to know. Well, I can tell you that the models show absolutely NO SNOW through the 21st of this month. Whether that's good news or bad news to you, it's still news. As we look beyond the 21st, there's potential for a light snowfall. Well, that's what "king" euro says anyway. I put king in quotes because over the years it has gotten that nickname. However, lately it hasn't been too great in the long range. Nonetheless, I'm going to keep this in mind when predicting the future. 

  • Below is an image from the 22nd.  It shows snow over Schuylkill County while an icy mix is just below us in Berks County. If this run were right, we'd get all snow from this system. 

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  • Next image shows total snowfall from this event. It gives Schuylkill County roughly 2-3" of snow accumulation. Again, a small storm....but track and intensity can AND will change. So stay tuned for future updates...

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