Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Travel Alert: Lake Effect Snow in Western PA Thursday

By: Ryan Fannock
November 27, 2019

Gusty winds kick off the Lake Effect Snow Machine...

Traveling through Western PA for the Thanksgiving Holiday? You may encounter some lake effect snow. In the most persistent bands, upwards of 6" may fall. A general 1-3" snowfall is possible in areas highlighted in BLUE (refer to map at top of article). The 6" bulls eye looks to be in the lake snow belts of Southwestern PA. Nonetheless, even 1" of snow can cause tricky travel.  These lake effect snows can cause you to go from bare ground to a few inches of snow within a matter of miles. So just use extra caution and if you see it turning cloudier, be alert for squalls ahead. 

As for Eastern PA, a squall or two is possible, but no travel issues are likely...