Saturday, November 16, 2019

Good News! Coastal Storm won't be ICY; full details in article

By: Ryan Fannock
Coastal Storm Update

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There's a coastal storm brewing and we may see "some" effects from it in Eastern Pennsylvania. The good news is that any ICY situations are now thrown out the window. Phew! It was looking a bit dicey 24-36 hours ago with this storm. But as we get closer to it moving through, things are looking much better. As you can see in the image above, cold air is locked in out West while we sit under temps ABOVE freezing. Thus, we'd get some rain showers as the storm moves up the coast. I'm going to show you a few more images below to describe it all to you....

The image below shows the cold air moving East. This is happening because the storm is basically sucking down the cold air as it pulls away. So as the storm exits, cold air will filter in. I'll show you that in the next image...

In the image below, you can see the cold air over all of Pennsylvania. Since there's no precipitation, we'll just have temps below freezing without the threat of rain or snow. I'm going to show you rain totals in the next image...

In this image, you can see Schuylkill County in RED. Notice how Western Schuylkill doesn't pick up a single drop of rain while Eastern Schuylkill "could" see up to a quarter inch. Any wobble in the track can and will increase or decrease rain totals. The official track is yet to be determined. However, it doesn't matter which track this storm takes. Either way, we're going to see a shot of below freezing temps AFTER it pulls through the area. Whether that's closer to shore or further out to see is still uncertain. It could be a nuisance or it could just be a cloudy day...who knows. For now, hopefully you're a little more "in the know" with what's to come. Thanks for reading!!