Tuesday, November 19, 2019

EURO vs GFS on storm slated for next week

By: Ryan Fannock

Models coming into agreement on the storm around Thanksgiving...

If you've been following along, models have been all over the place on the storm slated for Wednesday-Thursday of next week. Yesterday I posted that Thanksgiving was looking wet. However, today both the EURO and the GFS have the storm on Wednesday the 27th. This is good news for anyone traveling on Thanksgiving!! Let's hope this trend continues! Below I'll show you BOTH the GFS and EURO models for 7:00PM Wednesday evening the 27th. I'll also show you BOTH models projected rainfall. Rain would wrap up before daybreak on Thanksgiving IF the current trend holds together...

As you can see from the above images, both models are similar on timing. The EURO is a tad slower with the precipitation than the GFS. However, both models have the storm exiting the area before daybreak on Thanksgiving. It would be a quick mover...

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Below: EURO Rainfall Totals

Below: GFS Rainfall Totals