Monday, October 28, 2019

Wind chills up to 25 below; October snow AGAIN

By: Ryan Fannock

The National Weather Service has issued a Wind Chill Warning for parts of Idaho as they are experiencing another October snow event. Wind chills could cause frost bite in as little as ten minutes to exposed skin. A Wind Chill Advisory, for wind chills near 15 below zero, is in effect for parts of Montana. 

While things are winding down in Idaho and Montana regarding snow, they are still expecting another 4-6 inches. As for Colorado, this event is just about to begin! There's a Winter Storm Warning issued for 8-16" of snow from this event. As always with an early season snow, highest accumulations will be in the highest terrain. But areas like Denver may see up to 1 foot of snow before wind chills drop to 10 below zero. I wouldn't be surprised to see those Wind Chill Advisories move their way down into Colorado.

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It's not just the West getting in on the snow action. Wisconsin, parts of Iowa, Minnesota and Michigan are going to get a small amount of snow tonight. 1-4" will be common across these states, which is just enough to make you miss the Summer season.