Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Rain and Wind coming your way!

  • Scattered showers possible 8pm Wednesday through 3pm Thursday
  • Dry periods possible during the above listed hours
  • Heavier rain moves in after 3pm Thursday
  • Heaviest rain after 8pm Thursday through early Friday morning
  • Rain dwindles to a few showers after 7am Friday
  • Wind gusts 20-30mph Thursday afternoon through 1am Friday
  • Wind gusts 30-40mph 1am Friday through 4pm Friday
  • Wind gusts decrease after 4pm Friday

Below are projected rain totals from the North American Model a.k.a the NAM. You may have heard me talk about this model in the past. If you haven't, it's a short range model that we use for predicting the weather. I feel it has a pretty good idea on the amount of rain we see from this event. The majority of you live in the white square so get your rain boots ready. It's going to be a soaker!