Wednesday, July 24, 2019

What's in store over the next 2 weeks?

Sun is great. Sun makes your sky shine so bright. It turns frowns into smiles. It is jam packed into the next two weeks of your life. Yes, there will be some rain. However, the sun will dominate. As of now, 9 days out of 14 are looking like the sun will shine into your soul. The other 5 days may be dreary, but not too much on the wet side. The area will see UNDER 1 inch of total rainfall over the next 14 days. That's HUGE considering the Spring and early Summer we experienced. Things are looking up folks! Temps? How bout those temps? Well....

80's are normal. 80's are what you're gonna get! We may inch really close to that 90 degree mark on a few occasions. We may also have days that don't even hit 80 degrees. Overall, if you do the math, average temps are what we're gonna get. NO HEATWAVES!

It's nice to know that the word OPPRESSIVE will NOT be in my forecast for the next two weeks. Humidity will irritate you sometimes, but it won't be the kind of humidity where you need to put boob sweat deodorant in your purse. Ya know, typical Summertime humidity isn't too bad, right? 

This forecast was brought to you by the one and only AAG Auto Detailing! 

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