Wednesday, March 20, 2019

First Two Weeks of Spring in Schuylkill County

By: Ryan Fannock

Spring has sprung!! What does that mean for our temperatures? Are we officially done with snow? Well, I'll give it my best prediction below...

First, we have a Nor'easter dropping RAIN on 3/21/19 (Thursday). Yes, it's an all day event. Yes, it may fall heavy at times. Yes, it's going to get windy. Wind gusts during the day may gust to 20mph at times. However, gusts Thursday Night into Friday morning may exceed 25mph. Total rainfall looks to be anywhere from 1.25" to 2.25" across the area.

Some models DO have that dreaded 'S' word in the forecast for Friday. Snow showers could drop a light coating on cars; grassy surfaces. But I don't really see it being a big deal IF it were to get cold enough. I'm not completely sold on that idea yet. I know, it's only 2 days away. But I'm more focused on the longggggg range.

It's a battle of the models!!! The model mayhem of Winter is continuing into Spring. We have two choices to pick right now. 

1. The EURO - 30's from 3/24 to 3/28. Then 40's and 50's after that....

2. The GFS - 40's and 50's through 3/28. Then 2 days at or above 60 degrees. Followed by more 40's and 50's.

Bottom line, The EURO has it well below normal, then gradually getting to near normal. The GFS has near normal temps then above NORMAL for a couple days. However, back to near normal. 

My thoughts?

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I'm hugging the GFS on this one. I don't feel like we'll have a stretch of 30's. In fact, on the 24th, the GFS says about 55 degrees while the EURO is in the 30's. I'm siding with the GFS and I'm going to hug it hard. 

Example: Sunday (the 24th) will be sunny. With the March sun angle, I highly doubt 30's will only come out of it. You can expect 50's. Perfect day to have a yard sale if ya ask me!

Beyond the "little" snow chance for Friday, I do NOT see any other snow chances over the next two weeks. 

We're getting closer and closer to that bad 4 letter word being just a memory until next season....