Friday, February 8, 2019

Two wintry events that will impact travel

The first event will move through Sunday into Monday in the form of SNOW. It's packed with very little moisture, but it's enough to make things slippery. Latest model guidance has me leaning towards a light coating to as much as 2" across the area. Timing: Starts late afternoon/evening Sunday and last into early Monday morning. Temps will be in the 20's during the snow. With that said, snow will be fluffy. You'll probably be able to get it off your sidewalk with a broom. Now on to the second event...

This one is a bit trickier...

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It's going to start out as snow. As of now, modeling suggests things will kick off late Monday evening. It will snow through the night into Tuesday morning. Your Tuesday morning commute will be impacted. Schools will most likely close (if this timing/track stands). Total snowfall will range from 2-6" across the region. Keep in mind the differences in elevation across the county. Then the changeover takes place...

A changeover to sleet/freezing rain is likely mid to late Tuesday morning. This will make traveling extra slippery. Eventually, everything goes over to plain rain as temps rise into Tuesday afternoon. It will wrap up late Tuesday night or even as late as early Wednesday morning.

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