Friday, February 22, 2019

Fannock's Two Week Outlook

First up is the weekend rainstorm...

Saturday Night through Sunday is simply a plain rain event. No mixing. No snow. No freezing rain. Just rain...

Boring right? Well, there may be some thunderstorms around very early Sunday morning. They won't be severe, but some rumbles of thunder may wake you up from your beauty sleep.

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Also, winds on Sunday and Monday will gust pretty dang high. 45-55mph gusts can't be ruled out. Therefore, scattered power outages are possible. Especially after a soaking rain...

Highest temp over the next 2 weeks is this Sunday..

How does 50 degrees sound?

Moving on....there's rumors of a Wednesday Blizzard. Well, I'm going to say it to you nicely. It's simply just a rumor spreading around social media. There's the "chance" for some light snow, however, an inch or less is all you can expect.

It's looking fairly dry through the first week of March (aside from the weekend rainstorm). There really isn't much showing up on the models. A few days where there's snow showers but no significant accumulations. 

BIG STORY is the COLD coming...

First week of March looks to bring back highs in the teens!! That's certainly not the coldest highs we have had this season, however, for March standards, that's pretty intense. I mean, we have that high sun angle mixed with Winter almost being over. I'll call it January 2.0. Luckily, January 2.0 shouldn't last for more than a few days.

Total snowfall over the next two weeks will range from a measly coating to as much as 3" depending on where those snow showers set up over that time frame. 

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