Thursday, February 28, 2019

Fannock's Forecast - Thursday to Saturday

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Thursday: Partly to mostly sunny. High: 32

Thursday Night: Increasing clouds. A few late night snow showers may drop a quick coating. Low: 20

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Friday: Cloudy. A snow shower is possible early. High: 38

Friday Night: Snow showers before midnight have the potential to drop another coating of snow. Low: 28

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Saturday: Scattered rain/snow showers. Dry periods. High: 38

Saturday Night: Mostly cloudy. Low: 26

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The best option right now is to be aware of a potential winter storm. It could range from snow to sleet to freezing rain. However, it does have the potential to be all snow. Every idea is on the table at this point since models do NOT agree. Right now The National Weather Service is siding with an all snow event. I'm not so sure that's going to be the case. Why? We haven't had a "large" all snow event yet this Winter. Our last storm was in November (in Autumn). Everything since then has been a wintry mix. So I'm not ruling out the all snow potential, but I'm not ruling out a wintry mix either. Stay tuned as I keep you ahead of the storm.