Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Fannock's Final Call - Schuylkill Snow and Ice Totals

7:00PM Wednesday Final Call Snow and Ice 

There's a ton of Facebook Forecasts floating around the internet, so here's another one! If you don't know who I am, my name is Ryan Fannock. I've been a Weather Enthusiast on Social Media since 2011. So if you were looking for a professional with a degree, you're on the wrong website. Although, my group Weather Talk: Schuylkill Edition on Facebook, with over 19,500 members, proves I know something about the weather. I'm self taught by talking to professionals, other enthusiasts and meteorology majors in college over the years. 

I do see this starting as snow/sleet across the area. Once things kick off, it's going to get heavy. We'll have a nice burst of snow/sleet during the afternoon hours on Thursday. However, a changeover to freezing rain is LIKELY; especially in the evening. Whether you love or hate snow, ice is throwing up the red flag for me. I believe driving, after dark, is going to be treacherous on untreated roadways. Between the snow/sleet/freezing rain, it's going to get ugly. This is the firsts significant storm of the season, so please use extra caution out on those roadways!! With that said, here's the full details below...

START TIME: 11AM to 2PM from South to North 
END TIME: 6AM to 9AM from West to East

Precipitation Types Thursday into Friday:

1. Snow
2. Sleet
3. Freezing Rain
4. Plain Rain
5. Graupel

Everything except hail will fall in your backyard...

Detailed timing:

1. Snow/Sleet - from start of storm to 4-6pm
2. Sleet/Freezing rain 4pm to 12am
3. Plain Rain 12am to 4am
4. Snow/Sleet 4am to end


Totals by COLOR:

Light Blue
2 to 4 inches of snow
0.1-0.3" ice

Darker Blue
3 to 6 inches of snow
0.2-0.4" ice

4 to 8 inches of snow
Isolated 10" amounts in highest terrain
0.2-0.4" ice