Tuesday, November 6, 2018

14 Day Outlook - Snow? 60 degrees? Hmm...


Well, it feel like it rains every day anymore. That's all about to change over the next 2 weeks of your life. We may actually go a whole 14 day period with about 1" or less of rain! That's impressive considering the pattern we've been locked into. We generally see 1-2" from each rain event; with 2 or 3 each week! That's going to be nothing but a memory as we move right through November. 

Friday and Saturday this week will be showery. But it won't amount to more than a quarter inch of liquid. So we can deal with that, right? Next rain chance is Tuesday of the following week; amounting to less than a tenth of an inch. Again, tolerable. Then we enter a dry period with only a shower or two through the 19th of the month!! We may end the two week period picking up a half inch or so of rain as warm air surges in from the South. With that said, let's talk temps!

On average, highs will top out in the 40's. We'll squeeze out one more 55+ degree day on Wednesday, but then our temps begin to drop. Thursday through Tuesday will be in the 40's. If you're not a fan of cold, I suggest stopping where you're at with reading. Models are projecting highs to only reach the 30's by next Wednesday!!! Don't worry, it's only a 2 day cold snap. Then things go back into the 40's. There is "some" warmth possible around the 20th with that batch of rain I mentioned. Maybe 1 more 60 degree day? Hey, it's certainly possible in the month of November. Low temps over the next 2 weeks will generally be in the 30's with a few 20's mixed in there. 

Snow? We may see some wet snow around the 13th-15th of the month. With that said, it would be minimal. This may be a year where we wait until DECEMBER to pick up our first inch!!

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