Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Long Range Outlook through mid month

Will the rain and humidity ever end? Read below.

Over the next two weeks, we'll have ups and downs regarding precipitation. We'll have rainy periods and dry periods. Based on latest guidance, I see a dry period starting within the next 4-6 days. This will last for at least a few days. Maybe 3-4 days where we see only a shower or two at the most? Then it turns rainy AGAIN around the 11-12th. This rainy period will take us right into mid month.

How about temperatures?

Above normal. Yep, it's going to continue. Keep in mind, these are averages. So you may see an 80 degree day followed by a 68 degree day. Take the average, it's still "above" normal. But I do see at least a couple 80 degree days in the next two weeks. First one is this Thursday. Beyond that, we should squeeze out at least one more. We'll see some Fall weather too though. So it's weather for everyone! Everyone except snow lovers, that is. We won't see any frost. Growing season will continue. Bugs will not die. HUMIDITY WILL NOT GO AWAY FOR GOOD. 

If you love warmer weather, enjoy it now. I wouldn't doubt a flip in the weather occurring later this month. 

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