Tuesday, October 9, 2018

14 Day Outlook - Pattern Change!!


After a very humid Summer, we've also had a humid Autumn up to this point. This is all about to change starting Friday. We'll go from humidity with highs in the 70's to NO HUMIDITY with highs in the 50's! But does it stick around? The answer is yes! I have high confidence that Thursday will be the last day you'll have to deal with humidity until 2019. Models have been showing for weeks now that a change in our weather would be here between the 12th-15th. Well, Friday is the 12th, so it's right on track! 

October 12th historical averages:

High: 65 degrees
Low: 39 degrees

So far, we haven't dipped into the 30's yet this year. Our first night in the 30's will occur Saturday night into Sunday morning. Just before daybreak on Sunday, I expect elevations to be in the mid to upper 30's. While valleys dip to near 40 degrees. High temps Friday through Sunday will only top out in the 50's. 

15th to 23rd:

Our high temps each day should top out BELOW normal. I don't see any 70's during this time period. In fact, I'm willing to say Thursday is the last day of the year you'll see 70's, too. Fall is certainly coming into our lives whether you're ready or not.

Lows will range from near normal to slightly above normal for a few days through the 23rd. However, there will be plenty of days where we wake up in the 30's as well. 

I saved the BEST news for last! Precipitation is expected to transition towards BELOW normal. So yes, less rainy days are in your future! 

On the negative, it may not be too sunny during this time. Yeah, we'll have partly to mostly sunny days. But it's not like it will happen for 3-4 days in a row unfortunately. 

October 23rd historical averages:

High: 62 degrees
Low: 36 degrees 

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