Monday, September 17, 2018

Long Range: 14 Day Outlook. Humid then Frost?

Astronomical Summer is dwindling away, whether we like it or not. It's safe to say we will not see anymore 90+ degree days. However, 80+ is going to be with us for 3-4 more days before the end of the month. So if your pool is still open, you may be able to squeeze in more swimming time. I know, the water is probably cold. But someone out there has a heated pool, lol. 

I did an article on Labor Day really digging into the long range. I mentioned a cold snap at the end of September. I mentioned the potential of a first frost for some locations. Well, it's still on tap! Just a couple days later, though. As of now, guidance suggests the first 2-3 days of October will bottom out in the mid to upper 30's. So with that said, a light frost may occur in just 2 weeks!

Overall, our temps will be in the 70's during the day. We'll see one or two days in a row at 80+ and then dip back down into the 70's. One model actually suggests 84 degrees, with humidity, about 4 days before those lows in the upper 30's. How bout that for a shock to the body?! 

Precipitation wise, based on model data, anywhere from 2-4" will fall in the next two weeks. Hey, it's getting better. We had plenty of days this Summer where we'd get 2-4" in 2-4 hours. So on a positive note, it's getting "less" rainy. 

Humidity? You'll still feel it on days when it's 70+ degrees outside unfortunately. Yeah, there will be days here and there where humidity is low. For example, Wednesday this week is supposed to be very comfortable. Possibly Thursday, too. But then an 80+ degree day moves in Friday with more humidity, lol. We just can't shake the tropical feel this year. 

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