Monday, July 16, 2018

What to expect with our next system Tuesday!

A scattered shower or storm is possible overnight tonight, but the main action should hold off until AFTER 4am Tuesday morning. It's pretty much going to be a washout. There may be some dry periods, but overall, wet. Showers and storms will taper off after 6-7pm. Total rainfall could exceed 1 inch. If storms train over the same area, this will cause flooding. Training means a storm just sits in the same spot and doesn't move for a long duration of time. If this occurs, 2-3 inches could occur in those areas. While a location 5 miles away only sees about 1 inch. The heavy stuff is isolated but you should be aware of it (especially southwestern Schuylkill). You've been hit hard recently and I am hoping storms don't train over your area this time. For the majority of the county though, it's much needed rain. Get those rain gauges ready and give this a share! Stay safe. Turn around. Don't drown.

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